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The 10th District of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is comprised of proud union members in sixty-one Local Unions in Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Answer: Membership in NECA begins with a local chapter, organized by geographic location. Local NECA chapters review all initial membership applications. Once approved for membership by a NECA chapter, an electrical contractor is eligible for national NECA membership. The chapter submits the contractor’s application for national membership. Link:  Find Your Local Chapter

Answer: NECA membership is only available to a firm or corporation engaged in the business of electrical contracting, defined as the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing, or maintaining electric wiring, devices, or equipment.

This means NECA members are the electrical contracting companies. Employees at NECA member contractors are eligible for all member benefits after they are added to their company’s membership record by the company’s NECA-affiliated representative.

NECA’s members are primarily signatory contractors who hire union (IBEW) electricians. Non-union firms may be approved for membership, depending on the policy of their local chapter. 

Link: View Non-Union Membership Policy

Answer: When electrical contractors join NECA, they gain the power to transform their companies:

  • Lead, not follow, in labor negotiations.
  • Get real business intelligence.
  • Access on-demand management education; and
  • Connect directly with industry peers.

Answer: The cost of membership in NECA is based upon a percentage of the member company’s gross electrical payroll. Dues caps and discounts can apply. The percentage cost for membership is determined at the local level and generally ranges between 1-2 percent of the company’s gross electrical worker payroll.

Answer: The Tenth District construction market is growing and creating opportunities to expand our Market Share and your Profit Margins. This ever‐growing market combined with the flexibility that our District Wide Agreements has created a favorable environment for both our Partner Contractors and IBEW Members to be extremely successful in our District.

Answer: No, even though we do enjoy a great relationship with our NECA Partners here in the Tenth, we also have an Independent Contractor Recovery Agreement and Prefab Agreement (TDPA) in place in the District as well.

Answer: There are several ways to receive information about projects that are being proposed for construction in our District.

  • You can access a list of the Top 10 projects we’re tracking in the District by clicking on the Individual Industry Tads on the Home Page of this site.
  • Sign up for the Tenth District Market Incentive Program and receive alerts for the Scope Specific Bid Leads that you are interested in pursuing.
  • Utilize the Jurisdictions Tab on the Home screen for access to our Interactive Map of the District and reach out to a Local Union Representative directly. They are standing by and ready to start sending you info for projects They’re targeting or create amore filtered experience personalized for your specific needs.

Answer: With all the work being proposed for Construction and a shortage of skilled workers Nationwide, we understand there may be some anxiety involved when it comes to manpower availability. However, under the Leadership of IVP Brent Hall coupled with one of the best Organizing Machines in the IBEW and Local Union Leadership unafraid to think outside the box, we are completely confident in our ability to man any project in our District. That being said we’re not claiming that it’s always going to be a cake walk, but our Commitment to our Partners is Strong and our Resolve is even Stronger!

Below are some examples of how we are addressing our current and projected manpower needs.

  • On going Code of Excellence and Foreman Training at EVERY Local Union
  • Expanding Apprenticeship programs to max capacity in order to accommodate the upcoming Davis Bacon project requirements.
  • Unlimited Portability across the Tenth District’s four states (NC, SC, TN, and AR)
  • Expanded Ratios – (1:8 manpower ratio) JW toApprentices/CE’s/CW’s
  • One of the IBEW’s most respected Organizing Teams in the IBEW
  • Our proven Track Record

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